Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1994 Portugal (5) NAZARE sardines grilled with salt

Portugal's Nazaré is a resort area visited not only in Portugal but also from all over Europe in the summer, a beautiful port town with long sandy beaches, and a fisherman town where various seafood can be caught. It is also a town where the traditional costume of a married woman's black robe and head scarf is alive. 

The main attraction of NAZARE is that you can walk along the endless sandy beach and enjoy various seafood dishes by the incense of many restaurants.


In Portugal, where most of the land faces the sea, seafood is particularly delicious, and I think seafood risotto and seafood soup will be very familiar to Japanese people, but sardine salt grilling was excellent. 

In Japan, which is a fish-producing country, grilling sardines is a familiar staple food, but even though I try my best I can only eat two, but at NAZARE I finished eating three big grilled sardines.


What is the difference between salted grilled sardines in Japan and that of NAZARE? 

I think maybe the way to bake and the salt itself are different. 

The salted grilled sardines in Japan are a little oily, but the salted grilled sardines from NAZARE had a crispy taste.


The picture shows the children of Nazareth