Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1994 Portugal (6) Fantasy in Lisbon

The 11-day tour of Portugal that I participated in also arrived at the final destination, Lisbon.


We stayed in Lisbon for 3 days, and on the first day we visited major tourist attractions such as the Tower of Belem, the monument of discovery, Jeronimos Monastery, enjoyed tea on the terrace of Rossio Square, and arrived at the 4-star hotel in the center of the city. After dinner was free time.


So I decided to take a walk in the city at night with a tour member woman in her early twenties. Then, as we left the hotel at 7pm and walked while talking without any destination, we saw people sucking one after another into a large gymnasium-like building facing a wide street. Decided to follow them.


When we entered the building, there was a spectator seat, and children's dance was performed on a big stage. 

It was amazing to me that the children's performances were held on weekday nights in this way, and the parents who finished the day's work rushed there to watch the children's performances.

This is because it is unthinkable in Japan, which works long hours. 

However, I think again for working parents in countries where long working hours are not common, it would be much better to gather after leaving the office than on weekends.


We enjoyed the performances of strange children in a foreign country and headed to the hotel at night, saying, "It was a good memory."


The picture shows the children's performance and the toddlers who met in the.