Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1994 Portugal (7) Take a local line to the seaside town

On the second day of our stay in Lisbon at the end of our "tour tour of Portugal", we had a dinner at a restaurant listening to Fado's live show at night, and were otherwise free.


So, after consulting with a young woman who took a walk in Lisbon the night before, we decided to "take a local line and get off at a seaside station" and board a train from Lisbon. 

After all, we couldn't read Portuguese and didn't have any maps, so it was a random action.


After looking at the Tower of Belem from the window of the local line that runs along the coast, we were fascinated by the beautiful coastline and got off at a small station where we got on for about 30 minutes. 

It seems to be a small resort, so we took a leisurely stroll on the off-season sandy beach.

 Then, we found a cafe in a small shopping area with seafood restaurants, boutiques, florists, bookstores, etc. We had a relaxing time with delicious cakes and coffee, then returned to Lisbon on the local line again.


Since then, I thought of the beachfront resort where I got off at this time as Santa Cruz, a famous Japanese novelist Kazuo Dan spent a year. He was also proficient in cooking and had many fans of the cookbooks he published. 

However, in writing this, I looked up a guidebook and started to wonder if the station we got off was somewhere on the Cascais line.


However, the image is different from the picture of Cascais, which is the terminal station and the famous tourist spot, so it may be a small town that is not listed in the guidebook.

 Because our window seats on the left side of the direction of the train that started Lisbon face the coast (mostly the Tejo river and the rest Atlantic), and it was not the final station that we got off .


The photo is a cooking book I bought at a fashionable bookstore near a cafe. Unfortunately I couldn't read Portuguese and ended up as a decoration on my desk.