Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1994 Portugal (2) Porto

The first stop I visited on my Portugal tour was Porto, a port city in northern Portugal, the second largest city after Lisbon.


Porto is a beautiful city with many hills on the northern bank of the Douro River, which flows through northern Portugal, and is also known as a port wine producer. 

The so-called port wine is a specialty fortified wine that is shipped from Porto Port, and is classified as a sweet fruit liquor according to the Japanese Sake Tax Law. 

Port wine, which is widely known in Japan, is a sweet fruit liquor released in 1907 by a Western-style liquor maker in Western Japan, and is currently sold at around 550㎖ for around 700-1000 yen.


By the way, the day after arriving in Porto was devoted to the winery tour, the small bus we took on tour was laid down in a large wine factory, and from there we were guided by winery staff to observe the manufacturing process, The enormous size of the equipment was just amazing. 

And after receiving the staff's explanation, I learned for the first time that port wine was not a cheap fruit wine, but a luxury and expensive wine that was once favored by the former royal family to modern wealthy. 

After the factory tour, the testing I was looking for was expensive red wine with a color reminiscent of jewelry ruby, so only a small glass was offered, but it was truly beautiful.



 Porto landscape



The wineries we visited