Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1991 London (2)

On the second day of my stay in London, my friend and I took a train at Waterloo Station and headed for Windsor Castle.


When we exit the station ticket gate, people who got small flags and cameras gather and wait for something. And when I turned to the broad street facing the station, I saw various flags that designed the emblem on various places along the long road. 

Apparently, we saw a chance to meet the Queen's Majesty's Chariot Parade, we also wait for 20 minutes to join the group of people, Her Majesty's chariot guarded back and forth by the black car to the castle


We walked a long slope after the parade and arrived in front of the castle gate where we joined a long line of tourists who arrived from various directions and waited for security checks, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation: NIPPON HOSO KYOKAI) The car with the flag of the flag disappeared at a great speed deep inside the castle gate.

I looked at the car while thinking with jealousy.












パレードの後に長い坂道を歩いて城門前に辿り着いた私達はそこで多方面から到着した観光客の長蛇の列に加わって警備のチェックを待っていると、NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation:NIPPON HOSO KYOKAI)の旗を靡かせた車が凄いスピードで城門の奥深くに消えて行った。