Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1991 London (1)

The first time I went to London was at the end of April 1991, when the British Prime Minister replaced Margaret Thatcher with a young Tony Blair.


At that time, with a friend who traveled to New York, with a trip of 3 nights in London and 3 nights in Paris, we were planning to go shopping, visiting Castle Windsor, watching musicals, and leisurely walking in the city of London. 

Since the hotel was a quiet place in Regent Park, we took a walk in the large garden full of colorful flowers before breakfast every day to enjoy a luxurious moment.


Also, when I got off at Baker Street Station on the underground from London's downtown to the hotel at night, I imagined "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on a horse-drawn carriage in the foggy Baker District illuminated by gas lights." Nostalgic. 

Oh yeah, I wanted to stop at the sandwich cafe "Subway" adjacent to the underground Baker Street Station once.






その時もNew York旅行を共にした友人と一緒で、London3泊、Paris3泊の旅程で、私達はLondonではショッピング、ウインザー城見学、ミュージカル観賞、そして気ままに街を歩く事を予定していた。 



また、ロンドン中心街からホテルに向かう地下鉄のベーカーストリート駅を夜下車した時、私が「ガス灯に照らされた霧のベーカー街を駈ける馬車に乗ったSherlock HolmesとWatson博士」をイメージしたのも懐かしい。