Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1991 London (3)

One of the highlights of the trip was watching a musical, and we lined up with Soho's half-price ticket counter on the day, but after a while we realized that there were no tickets for the musical we wanted to see.


So we discussed whether we would watch a comedy or a Shakespeare play, but we concluded that it was difficult to understand each other's English ability. 

Then, a men's couple's ticket scalper came close to us. Apparently they were watching us from the beginning. 

They asked us to buy the 4th floor seat of the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" at a price four times the fixed price. 

By the way, the fixed price of the 4th floor seat is a quarter price of the 1st floor S seat and there are many students and workers in jeans.


We firmly refused to buy tickets at such a high price, it was too stupid, but they said that the tickets for the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" will be sold out and not easily available. 

So we talked, "It's expensive to pay for the trip to London again to see the Phantom of the Opera," or "I don't know when it will come to London next time." 

And we decided to buy them at their asking price, but half of the predictions of the conversation at that time were right.

The reason is that my friend who got married two years later doesn't come to London again, and 10 years later, I saw the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" in the S seat just above the orchestra box It is.


At that time the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”, which I saw on the 4th floor, was better than any of the musicals I had ever seen, despite the price four times the fixed price.






すると、男性二人組のダフ屋(ticket scalper)が私達を目指して近寄ってきた。どうやら彼らは初めから私たちに目をつけていたようだ。