Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 New York (5)

When we got up late the morning of the next day, when we left the Edison Hotel, a long procession came into our eyes. 

So when I asked the women in the line, "What is it?" "We can buy a day ticket for the musical at half price, so we are standing at 10 am to secure the show we want to see." Replied that.


There was no way to miss such a good deal, and we were at the end of the line.

Then, looking around carefully, old and young men and women were holding a cup of coffee and donuts in their hands and talking.

And I was particularly interested in middle-aged men and beautiful young male gay couples. The older man took care of the young man by handing a cup of hot coffee and letting him know that the ticket he wanted to see was not yet sold out. 

In my view, they were enjoying this long row. Also, we were not bored at all, with the appearance of poetry readings and single performers with the aim of showing them to the procession. 

As a result of joining the long line, we purchased the S seat of the highly acclaimed "A CHORUS LINE" at half price, and we went out for a tour of the New York Stock Exchange lightly.


The musical "A CHORUS LINE" I saw that night was not completely understood by my English ability, but I still understood quite the harsh reciprocity arising from ethnic and racial conflicts.

"A CHORUS LINE" is a drama unique to a country where multiple ethnic groups live together.


Anyway, on this trip, staying at the "Edison Hotel" on Broadway 47th Street, which is the half price ticket office on the day of Times Square, prompted me to open my musical eyes.












長蛇の列に参加した結果、私達は大評判の「A CHORUS LINE」のS席を半額で購入して、足取りも軽くニューヨーク証券取引所の見学に出かけた。


その夜見たミュージカル「A CHORUS LINE」は、私の英語力で完全に理解できたとはいえないが、それでも民族・人種の対立から生じる辛らつな応酬はかなり理解できた。

「A CHORUS LINE」は多民族が共に暮らす国ならではのドラマだ。