Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1995 Prague (2) Bohemian glass shop

After touring the various Gothic and Baroque buildings on Prague's Old Town Square, we were given 30 minutes of free time by the tour conductor gathering in front of the astronomical clock. 

Unlike western cities such as Paris and London, which are crowded with rushing tourists, walking through a medieval preserved city with locals at a leisurely pace makes me feel free.


And I stopped at the storefront of a big Bohemian glass shop that seems to be a long-established store. The Czech Republic is well known in Japan as a bohemian grass producing area. 

If possible, I wanted to take this opportunity to buy a small authentic Bohemian glass vase and display it in my room.


When I looked inside the store from the storefront, a wide range of products such as furniture and interior decorations, glasses and other tableware, and stationery were lined up in a large glass case. 

And at the tip of my eyes, there was a tall Western man who was walking around the store and checking products. 

Considering the number of items collected around him and the expected purchase price, the man seems to be a wholesaler or Bohemian glass shopkeeper.


By the way, if I came to this store to buy Bohemian glasses before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, would I have been able to buy it at a much lower price than that time?

No, I don't think I, as a general Japanese, could easily enter the Czech Republic before the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

I thought then, perhaps, that the Bohemian glass shopkeeper would probably become richer due to the fall of the Berlin Wall.


After all, the price was so high that I couldn't even buy a small vase.