Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1991 Paris(1)

My next destination with my friend who left London was Paris. The hotel in Paris is a B & B, a cheap hotel with a bed and breakfast, and there are many people in the Middle East who get on and off the subway station, which is a little far from the center of Paris.


Although the hotel was a two-story building, the elevator was out of order and it was difficult to carry heavy luggage to my room on the second floor, but the homely atmosphere helped me to relieve my travel fatigue. 

Even now, the breakfast that was served by the madams in the apron neighborhood was still impressive. 

They pour hot coffee from the pot in one hand and milk from the pitcher in the other hand into the guest's bowl to scent the fragrant cafe au lait. 

I and my friends enjoyed the hot cafe au lait and homemade hard bread that goes well with butter.