Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 New York (7)

My friend and I enjoyed the last night in New York at a live of Willie Nelson at Radio City Music Hall at 50th Street, 6th Avenue.


Willie Nelson is very popular in Japan at that time.Not only Casey Kasem's moderator, "American Top 40," but also every radio station was playing Willie Nelson's soft vocals.


By the way, it was not the performance of Willie Nelson but the celebrities who came into the hall from the black limousine arriving one after another that was strongly impressed by the concert at this time. 

Due to the fact that the seat we purchased was the S seat on the first floor, the lounge on the first floor of the break time has been turned into a sociable place where men and women in glamorous ball gowns talk about expensive champagne and wine in their hands . 

This scene, which looked so dazzling to us, was not seen in the concert halls of Tokyo and Osaka at that time, and it was a little culture shock. 

However, despite casual wear, we enjoyed the celebrity mood with a luxury champagne.


The photograph is a sophisticated advert of cigarettes that was published in the town guide at the time.





私と友人はニューヨーク最後の夜を、6番街50丁目のラジオ・シティ・ミュージックホールでのWillie Nelsonのライブをで楽しんだ。


当時の日本ではWillie Nelsonは大人気で、Casey Kasemが司会の「American Top 40」だけでなく、どのラジオ局からもWillie Nelson彼のソフトなボーカルが流れていたのだった。