Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1988 New York (1)

A trip to New York for 5 nights using GW vacation in 1988 also enjoyed the same friends as last time. This time the hotel was an elegant "Wellington Hotel" convenient to Broadway.


What we decided prior to this trip is

The first thing was to take a walk around Manhattan. The previous travel experience showed that the bus was operating to every corner of the city, so if we had a map, we knew that Manhattan could act freely.


Furthermore, it was to enjoy jazz live with Blue Note, get a half price ticket of the day at the ticket section of Times Square and watch some musicals, and to visit the New York Stock Exchange again.


When we arrived at the hotel in the morning, we stored our luggage in the room and got a "City Guide" from the lobby stand and lined up on the day's half-price ticket counter in Times Square.