Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 New York (6)

The New York Stock Exchange is called the capitalist center, but when we arrive, it reflects the economic boom at that time, or visitors from all over the world go from the entrance of the building to the opposite road It was in a long line. 

A group of high school boys thought to have come from Spain or Italy in front of us who were in a row, talked excitedly, but I think that it would be unthinkable in Japan if it is a tour as a school trip thought. 

Also, remember that the staff who wrapped the armband indicating "members of stock exchange" guiding many visitors including us felt the pride "I work at the center of the world".


Well, what we saw from the high visitor's seat inside the stock exchange were the many panels that flashed violently, and those who shouted out loud while waving a hand around the booth. 

With such a scene in front of us, we were also excited unexpectedly.


By the way, when I asked the staff about the location of the toilet, he handed me the keys of the toilet while showing the location. 

At this time, I knew the difference between New York and Tokyo regarding “security and safety”.


The photograph is a business card holder with a logo bought at the New York Stock Exchange.