Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 New York (4)

Our trip to New York this time is a 3-night stay, the main purpose is to see museum visits, visits to the New York Stock Exchange, and to see the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”, which was well-received in Japan at that time It was.


So we left Fifth Avenue and went to the ticket office, and applied for a ticket for "The Phantom of the Opera", but the sales staff said it was "all sold out for three years" and was stunned. 

And we bought the S seat of the musical "La Cage aux Folles" for around $ 50, and we went to the theater after dinner. 

We were moved to know that the love of gay and heterosexual couples is the same in this musical, and the depth of maternal love for the son of the gay male partner.


This time in New York, we chose the Edison Hotel at Broadway 47, which is cheap and convenient for transportation. And when we went to the hotel room after the musical was over, the floor stand did not light up. 

It is a hotel with the name of Edison who invented electricity, and it is neither a joke nor a light if it doesn't turn on, but I hesitated for a while to explain to the front desk in our poor English. 

However, when a friend who had a slightly higher English level than I called to the front desk "light is damaged", a young Korean man appeared immediately to solve the problem.


The photo is a Broadway theater performance list at the time.






そして、私達はミュージカル「ラ・カージュ・オ・フォール(La Cage aux Folles)」のS席を50ドル前後で購入して、夕食後に劇場に足を運んだ。 





が、私より少し英語レベルの高い友人が、「light is damaged」とフロントに電話をしたところ、若い韓国人の男性が直ちに現れて問題を解決してくれた。