Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 Quebec (2)

What I felt after entering Quebec City for the first time was to say that in a thoroughly French-speaking area, it is a region where English can not communicate. 

On the other hand our only communication tool is bad English.


The trouble at the beginning was that the employees of the small accommodation hotel did not understand English at all. 

The next trouble was that the TV set in the hotel room was only French, weather forecast and local information could not be caught.


Quebec City was in the same latitude as Wakkanai in Hokkaido in Japan, it was cold and spring was late, especially the time we stayed was variable weather. 

Furthermore, the operation information of the flight leaving Quebec after two days can not be caught on the TV, so it was not easy to know without actually going to the airport.


But it was troublesome to change to an international chain hotel for only 2 nights. 

So, what we decided to keep in mind was not to get lost. If we get lost in this town where only French can communicate, it will not be saved.