Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 New Orleans (5)

This time our trip was a cheap package that the travel agency assembled hotels and flights, so if we do not find a substitute for a flight that we missed in a hurry, we will be at the next airport to Quebec airplane I can not ride. 

So we restrained our anger and negotiated to the Delta Airlines counter at the missed flight.


And what we found out explaining the situation in poor English was that if you used another company's flight instead of the flight you missed, it was impossible to transfer endorsement of the missed flight ticket or refund the price . 

Thanks to my understanding of the word "endorsement" firmly at this time.


Under such circumstances, we have no choice and we decided to use another company's flight at card settlement, but the departure time is approaching and we can not make it at the airport's normal travel route in time.


At that moment, a male employee at Delta will take us on their company car and cross the vast airport at the shortest distance and we will arrive at the next destination safely I made it. 

I am thankful for the agile and compassionate response of Delta Airlines now.