Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1988 New York (2)

The next three musicals we saw on the day's half-price ticket section of Times Square this time in New York.


"CHESS" was drawn on the stage of a luxury hotel in Bangkok during the East-West Cold War, depicting love created between the western men who participated in the World Chess Championship match and the lovers of the eastern players. 

I did not understand the rules of chess at all and I could hardly understand the contents of the songs and dances of the actors, but "One Night in Bangkok", which was popular in Japan at that time, is the theme song of this musical It is impressive to know for the first time ever.


We decided to look at "THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS" because we like gospel, but when we entered the theater, the majority of the audience was Afro American, and they were overwhelmed by the heat and power they emanate.

Also, the story was easy to understand for us, and the gospel songs that were sung one after another were also very beautiful and harmonious. 

It should be noted that Morgan Freeman, who played the leading role, showed an overwhelming presence with the momentum moving up the stairs of the world star.




"Cabaret" was set in Berlin's cabaret when the Nazis rose, and people's distress was well depicted in dark tones. In addition, I was able to know the situation of Berlin's entertainment world in those days.







私はチェスのルールが全く分からない事もあって、俳優達の歌や踊りの内容は殆ど理解できなかったが、あの頃日本でも大流行した「One Night in Bangkok」がこのミュージカルの主題歌だったのかと初めて知った事で印象に残っている。


「THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS」は私達がゴスペル好きなので見る事にしたのだが、劇場に入ってみて観客の大半がアフロアメリカンで、彼らが発散する熱気と迫力に圧倒された。