Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 Quebec (4)

On my second day in Quebec I and my friend went to visit the castle, a landmark of this city. 

The castle we visited had a simple, old-fashioned appearance, but a few years later it was rebuilt under the umbrella of the Fairmont Group and called Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.


After completing the walk around the area, when we were window shopping at the luxury jewelry shop in the Great Castle, suddenly, "Madame, the bottom of the shopping bag is broken" was spoken in smooth English of men . 

When we turned to the direction of the voice, a Parisian-style man with rimless glasses stood smiling inside a jewelry counter. 

And the man took out a wide transparent cellophane tape for adhesion and stuck it in the hole of my bag, but his body was very elegant.


I decided to buy a gold chain necklace with a petite pendant carved the elaborate violin, inspiring the shopkeeper's unexpected kindness. 

The necklace with a petit pendant with this violin accent has been a standard accessory when I go out for a classical concert for a while.