Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 Quebec (5)

On the final day of my stay in Quebec, we met a Japanese man who had travel guides in Quebec, which was introduced by a male leader in a passport club.


The man who appeared in a rough style was in the early thirties, and after a brief self-introduction to each other, we went out of his car to a large market in the suburbs. 

According to the men's explanation while driving, that market in the suburbs is particularly rich in leather products, and we decided to buy a leather jacket on this occasion. That's because leather was very expensive in Tokyo at that time.


The market is 30 to 40 minutes by car from central Quebec, and it is like an outlying outlet mall in Japan, with colorful shops, restaurants and cafes that handle various products on its vast site. 

We went into various stores and enjoyed window shopping, then searched for a jacket in a leather store. 


The store staff then approached us and explained that in Quebec, value added tax (equivalent to Japanese consumption tax) will be levied from $ 500 or more per delivery. 

As a result, I bought a black and dark green leather jacket of the same design for $ 550 each and a friend bought a navy leather jacket for $ 490.


Satisfied with the leather jacket that can not be obtained in Japan at this price, we greatly appreciated the man who guided the market by car.