Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 Quebec (3)

We decided to spend the first night in Quebec City at a French restaurant selected from among the restaurants lined along the brook in the old town. 

I thought about the special cuisine of Quebec, but the city is too French-like, and the lingering language is French, which made our feet for French restaurants.


So, when we walked into a small restaurant, a beautiful Galson, who seems more like a Parisian than a real Parisian, gave me a menu of French and English. 

My friends and I had a hard time choosing from the English menu: butter-baked salmon, green salad, French bread, white wine.


We were satisfied with all the food and service and we left the restaurant with a strong French-style coffee at the end. 

When we left the store, we saw through the dim lights the figures of the people who took a relaxing walk along the tree-lined avenue along the brook, satisfied with the delicious food.


What I felt while watching such scenery was the attraction of Quebec City maintaining the old city.