Retrospect 1979 Los Angeles (1)

Me and my friend visited San Francisco and Los Angeles again in 1979 but at that time I used a cheap air ticket from Haneda to Los Angeles of China Airlines so we arrived in Los Angeles first and headed for San Francisco the next day Became.

So we left our luggage at a hotel in Los Angeles and confirmed the next day's San Francisco flight at a travel agency, the staff says that our plane does not fly due to a strike decision.

When we are stunned, the staff suggested an affordable additional price, "If you add an amount to your existing airline ticket, you can make a reservation for San Francisco flight at the other company's first class" So we accepted it without hesitation.

With unexpected things, we were able to enjoy a luxurious flight such as getting on and off without waiting time, relaxing seating, lavish drinks and snacks, hospitable cabin attendant service.

Through this experience, unlike Japan, I learned that the American aviation industry is free competition.

追想1979 ロサンゼルス(1)