Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1981 New Orleans (1)

In 1981 GW, I and my friend visited New Orleans to experience "Jazz Festival" where jazz fans from all over the world gather. 

When we were healing the tiredness of a long trip on the second floor of a Spanish hotel in the French Quarter, cheerful music was heard from the street. 

Invited by the music, when we looked down at the street from the balcony, it was the sound coming from the live houses here and there

Here, in the French Quarter, various styles of live houses such as Jazz Country Western, Rock, etc. are crowded in a narrow area, so the street was in a state of great flood of sounds.

 Many people were on the street being invited by the flood of such sounds. Anyway it's a festival where jazz fans from all over the world gather, so the number of people is not odd.

Many of them also enjoyed dancing by stepping through the thoughtful steps.

 Invited by such a large crowd, we also extended to the street and continued to their line.

 After that, we enjoyed playing at some of the favorite live houses, and it was past midnight that we returned to accommodation hotel.