Retrospect 1978 Hawaii

The entry into Hawaii at the end of our US West Coast pack tour, which began at the end of 1977, changed year and was in 1978.

Although staying in Hawaii was 2 nights, we were able to heal the stress of foreign travels, such as a huge hula show in Kodak stadium, a dinner show with orchestra and dance in the restaurant, and so on.

The unforgettable event here is that when I took out my wallet to pay for the item with the rabbit's mark in the play boy shop, "It is dangerous to take out the wallet in such a place. Even if it is thrown into the ocean by someone at midnight, no one can find it here, "the shop owner advised me with a serious look.

When I heard that, I recognized that I am an unprotected alien in Hawaii, a tourist destination where people from all over the world gather.

This sketch is a tray made of coconut shells taken home as a souvenir. Even now it is useful for coffee time.

追想 1978 ハワイ



ここでの忘れられない出来事は、私が、play boy shopでウサギのマークの入った商品の代金を支払うために財布を取り出した時に、「こういうところで財布を取り出すのは危険だよ。もし、貴方が誰かに真夜中に海に放り込まれても、ここでは誰にも見つからないからね」と、店主が真剣な表情で私に忠告したこと。