Retrospect 1979 Sausalito (1)

Me and my friend went to the Sausalito on the other side across the Golden Gate Strait on a ferry from the dock of San Francisco Downtown.

In those days in Japan, although Sausalito was not known much, it was attracted to the sentence of guide book "a resort area where sophisticated boutiques line up in an exclusive residential area where retired high-ranking officials live".

When on board we were enjoying the view including the Golden Gate Bridge, a sophisticated man looking at the late 40s spoke to us.

Understanding with our low English ability, the man was a bureaucrat working at the Office in San Francisco, where he returned to his home in Sausalito.

I guessed why the man talked to us because he saw an unfamiliar oriental woman on board a ship to Sausalito and he was curious.

We exchanged unbroken conversation on the ship, separated from the man at Sausalito's pier, watched high-design shoes and bags through the stylish boutique window, and even the small works of the gallery's contemporary art, I observed strange houses built in high-class residential areas.

We got tired and thirsty we entered a restaurant facing the sea, talking about boutiques and luxury housing impressions while filling the stomach with white wine and seafood dishes.

In the meantime, as the sun has started to settle, we rushed to the ferry platform.

追想 1979 サウサリート(1)