Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 New Orleans (4)

In the morning when I left New Orleans, in order to catch the flight to the relay airport of Quebec flight, we estimated the time to spare, early in the morning and departed the hotel by limousine. 

When looking at the streets from the limousine car, the New Orleans for the first time in five years, the redevelopment as a business town advanced, the sophisticated office buildings had completely redesigned the landscape, but the intersection increased and the signal wait It has become a concern for me that the time increase of me will not be able to miss the airplane.


And, picking up passengers from several hotels, the limousine stopped at the accommodation hotel of the customer who seems to be the last, but the passenger does not appear easily. 

Finally, a limousine driver got into the hotel, but after about 30 minutes, two middle-aged women of a waking-up face appeared, but they did not apologize to our passengers a word It was.


And, for these two troubles we had gone past the plane we were supposed to ride.