Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 New York (1)

I went to New York for the first time in early May of 1986. After enjoying the New Orleans Jazz Festival, I and my friends took a tour of Quebec, and the end was New York.


We left our luggage at the popular Edison Hotel on Broadway and took to the 5th Avenue with a leather jumper bought in Quebec. 

After all, rich and talented people from all over the world are concentrated in the Fifth Avenue in New York, and there are diverse people with different nationalities and skin colors on colorful streets. 

And from the stalls on the street, the fragrant smell of hot dogs, bagels, and pretzels was flowing to make our appetite.


However, when the first excitement got over and my eyes got used to it, I realized that many of the people who went on the road dressed as expensive brand products were Japanese. 

In Tiffany's case, it was only the appearance of the Japanese that had made a product definition in the in-store showcase, and it was just like the "Japanese who occupies Tiffany". 

On the other hand, we of the same Japanese but in a clerical job have no money to buy Tiffany & expensive jewelry, but buy a thin 18K gold choker with a small petite pendant at a popular accessory store in Trump Tower. It was at best.




初めてNew Yorkに行ったのは1986年の5月初めだった。私と友人はニューオリンズのジャズ・フェスティバルを楽しんだ後にケベックを観光し、そして最終地がNew Yorkだった。