Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1994 Portugal (8) Japanese song "SAKURA" heard in Lisbon

The last night in Portugal was a dinner at the well-established Fado restaurant in Lisbon, and by the time our tour members arrived, the tables in the store were full of tourists.


The band was made up of three people that night, and we were able to fully listen to their live performance of Fado while eating.

After the guest's meal had settled down, the band members played in response to the customer's requested song at each table, and when they reached our table, at the suggestion of the tour conductor they played "SAKURA" .. 

“SAKURA”, which we listened to in a foreign country far away from our home country, filled us with a deep feeling.


Japan is surrounded by the sea and Portugal facing the sea is probably because the seafood is the basis for eating habits. The marinated seafood, grilled sardines, shellfish soup and rice and shellfish risotto at this restaurant were very delicious.


After all, it's been a long relationship between Japan and Portugal since the portuguese merchant arrived on the Tanegashima Island in Japan in 1543 and introduced a gun.