Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1988 New York (5)

We aimed at a Japanese restaurant “Inagiku” in the basement of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, because beef was expensive in Japan at that time. If you ask for sukiyaki in the US in the dairy kingdom, you should eat plenty of beef. I thought I could do it.


Stepping into the lounge of the ultra-high-quality Waldorf Astoria Hotel, halfway between Park Avenue 49th and 50th Streets, we were fascinated by the luxurious interiors and furnishings. 

There was a solo piano jazz concert, where there were figures of people spending their luxury hours on the couch

And the spacious underground toilets were so colorful that we felt lost in the medieval court salon.


Now that we finished eating sukiyaki, we ordered additional rice and 1 raw egg to make a risotto using the leftovers in the pan. 

By the way, I was convinced that she was a Nikkei Nisei who grew up in the United States, because the woman in the kimono had a mysterious look.