Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1986 New York (3)

After leaving the café, we encountered a majestic brass band followed by a funeral march followed by four cops spread stars and stripes, a black-painted hearse, and a uniform cop. 

I thought that I would encounter a majestic funeral march on Fifth Avenue, the first time I set in, but when I listened to the conversations of those around me, it was like the funeral of a police officer who died on the mission.


Once again we regained the sight of the tourists, and as we were wandering around here and there, the beautiful hymns came to me, so we were invited to the melody and we went to the majestic steeple church (St. Patrick's Cathedral) I stepped in.


And when we try to sit on a vacant bench, a middle-aged man next next seat acts to chase us away, so if I ignore it and try to sit down again, the man pointed to the door with a go . 

Is this not racism? When we hardened our attitude, a calm middle-aged man who was sitting nearby pointed our backs and warned us, so we back each other It was the first time I saw that I understood the steep look of the men in the next seat.


My friend and my back of the leather jumper I just bought in Quebec were painted with tomato ketchup and mustard, and we received a strong greeting from Fifth Avenue。