Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1994 Portugal (1) 11 days trip

My old passport is stamped with [14-05-94 PORTO] [21-05-94 LISBOR]. 

Yes, I participated in an 11-day excursion to Portugal, including a one-night overnight flight from Porto on May 14, 1994 and leaving Lisbon on May 21.


At that time, as a company employee, I did not expect to be able to travel abroad this long except during the holiday season. 

However, this was made possible by the company I worked for introduced a generous system of "two consecutive weeks of vacation." 

Unfortunately, none of my friends working at the company could take such a long vacation, and I decided to give up my personal trip with a friend and go on a tour package hosted by a travel agency for the first time .


The participants who met for the first time in the airport departure lobby were 12 people, including five retired couples, women in their twenties, and me. 

Looking at the members, I realized that such a long journey was a high hurdle for active company employees.


From now on, a relaxed schedule, with chartered small buses from Porto to Lisbon and all nights staying at least 2 nights, was a major factor in this trip.




私の古いパスポートには〔14-05-94 PORTO〕〔21-05-94 LISBOR〕のスタンプが押されている。