Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1981 Atlanta International Airport


As of the end of April 1981, I was stunned at the entrance examination at Atlanta International Airport. 

Even if I repeat "immigration purpose" as "sight seeing", the examiner sees me with suspicious eyes while looking at the itinerary and stay hotel list of Nashville → New Orleans → Boston repeatedly. 

When I looked at the next booth, my friend was also confused about the same situation.

In past immigration examination on the US trip (West coast and Hawaii) it was possible to go smoothly just by telling "sight seeing" a word. 

Among the Japanese traveling to the United States at that time many Japanese were aiming for the West Coast and New York in Japan Airlines, the immigration inspector at that time questioned us who aimed for Nashville with Thai Airways.

Eventually I passed the immigration review in about 10 minutes, but the scene at that time became unforgettable.





入国目的を「sight seeing」と何度繰り返しても、審査官は、ナッシュビルニューオリンズ→ボストンの旅程表と滞在ホテルリストに繰り返し目をやりながら疑い深い目で私を見る。


 これまでのアメリカ旅行(西海岸とハワイ)での入国審査では「sight seeing」と一言告げただけでスムーズに通過出来たのに。