Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1995 Multi-Visa

Taking advantage of the two-week vacation system of 1995, I decided to take a packed tour of Dresden/Prague/Budapest/Vienna from September 13th to September 23rd.


Also, at this time, it was necessary to apply for a "multi-visa" that combines several countries into one, and as a condition for the application, a passport remaining period of 5 to 6 months was required. I had no choice but to renew my passport, which had remained for three months. 

I couldn't handle such a complicated visa application, so I decided to ask the travel agency to pay a fee, and sent the newly obtained passport and the latest photograph taken for the visa to the travel agency.


However, after a few days, I was stunned when the travel agency told me that the application was rejected by a Hungarian examiner. The reason was that the passport photo and the visa application photo cannot be seen by the same person. 

Sure, in my passport photo I was in a cool neck sweater, and in the visa photo I was in a standing collar cotton shirt, but the time difference between the two photos was less than 3 weeks, and the shortcut hairstyle was the same. No matter who checked it, they could be judged to be the same person. 

Persuading myself, "I can't beat a crying child and a foreign examiner," and I sent a photo taken back to the travel agency wearing the same clothes as my passport photo.


Speaking of which, my first application for a visa was when I took a vacation tour during the year-end and New Year holidays in 1977 with a friend on a packed tour of the US West Coast and Hawaii. 

There was also such an era as "Applying for a visa for American tourism?"


The photo shows two visas.