Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1983 Singapore (2)

On Singapore's second day, I participated in the afternoon tea experience at the Raffles Hotel, which is ranked high in Singapore. 

This was a life culture brought to the colonial Singapore by the British upper class during the British rule, but Singapore after independence would have been adopted as a highlight to attract tourists around the world.


Despite the coffee party on a regular basis, me and friends wanted to taste the authentic elegant afternoon tea at once and joined a long queue of many Japanese tourists. 

When the door of the venue opened at 2 p.m., the participants rushed into a table of Viking style with a large swing tray as soon as securing each seat.


Various fruits, sweets, breads and sandwiches were served on the table, and I had a hard time choosing which to eat from. 

Well, the gorgeous banquet of about two hours is over. The sight that I saw when I left the venue was a mountain of remnants left behind in the participants' dish.