Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1988 New York (4)


For the jazz live house "Blue Note" we went by bus to Washington Square and walked into the store with great expectations.

The first thing I noticed was that the Japanese occupied the expensive seats close to the musicians.

And, the inside of the store was awful, the audience was noisy, it was far from being able to concentrate and listen to live, moreover, the enthusiasm was not felt from the musicians, and as a result it was disappointing.

Speaking of which, there was a reputation that "Tokyo is the first place to listen to jazz performances" at that time. In other words, Japanese jazz fans' ears are the most sophisticated in the world, and the performer naturally gets hot when it comes to an audience with a high level.

By the way, I went to Blue Note Tokyo, which opened in Aoyama, Tokyo several months after returning from this trip, with my friends who traveled this trip several times.

The musicians were David Sanborn, Joe Pass, and Jim Hall, but at all times the musicians and the audience were very good, creating an atmosphere of intimacy.

It is noteworthy that the in-store interior and food and drink menu were much more sophisticated than the New York store.

There is no way to go to New York to listen to jazz, paying high travel costs.





ジャズ・ライブ・ハウス「Blue Note」へは、私達はワシントン・スクエアまでバスで向かい、大きな期待と共に店内に足を踏み入れた。





そういえば、あの頃 「ジャズ演奏を聴くのは東京が一番」という世評があった。つまり、世界の中でも日本人のジャズ・ファンの耳が一番洗練されていて、演奏する側もレベルが高い聴衆を前にすると自然に演奏に熱が入る。


因みに、この旅行から帰国した数ヶ月後に東京青山に開店した「Blue Note Tokyo」に、この旅行を共にした友人と数回足を運んだ。