Retrospect 1979 Sausalito (2)

When we got on the return ferry and tried to sit in the vacant seat, the man who met at the ferry going to talk to us again.

And the man turned his own high quality coat over and covered the seat and encouraged us to sit there like a medieval knight.

I understood within the words that the man was waiting for our return.

The man is a bureaucrat who has a house in Sausalito but he owns a shop in a big shopping mall in downtown San Francisco and wants to hire me as a staff member of the shop.

I firmly declined the offer to recruit, but I was asked to show the store inside the shopping mall from the man, and we decided to respond with the mood of the tourist. Nowadays memory is not at all but it was quite a nice shop.

Looking back on my nostalgia, that man, at the time of the Japanese San Francisco tourism rush, if he hired an attractive smiley Japanese woman (why he recruited me) at his store, the store sales would increase I expected it.

追想 1979 サウサリート(2)