Retrospect 1979 San Francisco (3)

My friend and I went to Castro street by bus with a fashion.

At exactly the sunset, on a street wrapped in soft light and shadows, many couples walked with gentle arms around each other's waist, and at a stylish cafe they were filled with couple staring each other. And none of them saw us.

"Ah, we were disappointed that nobody would look at us, although there are so many beautiful men here."

It was also reasonable, Castro street was a tourist destination where gays gather from all over the world as the center of gay town.

Many men boasted a slender style with slim T - shirts, jeans and boots, in well - groomed beards. Such men seek is an attractive man, not a woman.

A year before our visit in 1978, Harvey · milk, a gay rights advocacy activist who was based in Castro Street was assassinated, and since then it became the center of the gay rights movement.

Well, after nearly 40 years since then, how did people on Castro street feel the emergence of super-conservative Trump regime?

追想 1979 サンフランシスコ(3)