Diary in Google Translate (Extra)Water capital Edo Bridge (1) Nihonbashi Bridge

I thought of the bridge of the water capital Edo as Prague became an important trading route between Western and Eastern Europe due to the construction of the Charles Bridge.


Edo (Tokyo) in the Edo era was built by the first shogun who opened the Edo Shogunate: Tokugawa Ieyasu, and by means of a waterway network, rivers and waterways travel deep into the land like meshes, and various ships carry people and goods. It was a bustling city suitable for being called the “water capital”.


In addition, the place where goods are unloaded at each wharf is called "Kashi", and a warehouse district, wholesale district, and market were built, and many people worked there.


In this way, the town of Edo prospers around the waterways and develops into a lively and vibrant city where more than one million residents and workers work, and Nihonbashi, which is the center of the city, has developed into a commercial city. There was a lively fish market on the banks of the Nihonbashi River flowing through the center.


There is a picture scroll called "The Kidai Shoran Scroll" that depicts the vibrant neighborhood of Nihonbashi.


This picture scroll was discovered in Germany in 1999 and is attracting attention as a valuable source of information on Edo culture, but it is now owned by the Berlin Asian Art Museum.


Fortunately for us, however, we can know the situation at that time in the recently published English version of "The Kidai Shoran Scroll--TOKYO STREET LIFE IN THE EDO PERIOD".


So, here, from the picture scroll, I would like to recall the vitality of the water capital Edo from the scene of the Nihonbashi Bridge over the Nihonbashi River. 


References:“The Kidai Shoran Scrollk--TOKYO STREET LIFE IN THE EDO PERIOD”

      Authors: Ozawa Hiromu   Kobayashi Tadashi

               Publishing Foundation for Culture and Industry Promotion
















そんな活き活きとした日本橋界隈を描いた『熈代勝覧』(The Kidai Shoran Scroll)という絵巻があります。




が、私たちには幸いなことに、最近刊行された英語版『熈代勝覧』“The Kidai Shoran Scroll ~TOKYO STREET LIFE IN THE EDO PERIOD”で当時の状況を知ることがが出来ます。





引用文献:“The Kidai Shoran Scrollk~ TOKYO STREET LIFE IN THE EDO PERIOD”

      Authors: Ozawa Hiromu   Kobayashi Tadashi

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