Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1990 Bangkok (2)

We ate the first night of Bangkok at a Thai court fee restaurant that exists like a hideout in the downtown area . 

The restaurant was introduced in the food company's public relations magazine that arrived at the company I was working at the time, and with the permission of my superior, I brought it to a trip and we managed to arrive at the destination It was.


The restaurant was set on a large street in a quiet, high-end residential area, with no prominent signboards, as if it were a private residence. 

Although we did not make reservations, we were welcomed by the staff, were fascinated by the wonderfulness of the luxury furniture and fixtures, and we were impressed with the kind of Thai court food, and carefully enjoyed the dishes served one after another I was able to taste it.


A meal is over, and when I look around again, the figure of a wealthy mature male with a young Oriental woman who seems not to be a wife, or a wealthy western mature male with a young beautiful local man I noticed that this restaurant is known as a hiding place for a hidden couple.