Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1995 Budapest (1) Chain bridge of my heart

The reason why I came to Budapest is because I was longing for a chain bridge over the Danube.


For a long story, about 35 years ago, when Japan was in a bubble economy, I set foot on an exhibition and sale event held at a city hotel by a gallery.


Ever since I bought an oil painting by a French contemporary painter there, I had been offered a two-month calendar for about three years featuring a Japanese painter who specializes in European landscape paintings sponsored by the gallery. However, the picture on that calendar always included the Chain Bridge of Budapest. Although he was a painter who used various European landscapes such as Holland, France and Switzerland as his motif, he probably liked Chain Bridge.


In the meantime, I was fascinated by the bridge, which was too elegant, and one day I ordered the gallery owner to ask the artist to draw a picture of the chain bridge. However, I was an ordinary female office worker at the time, so I paid in installments.


I decorated the "Budapest Chain Bridge" in my room and watched the painting every day, while I became captivated by the chain bridge and wanted to walk on it with my own feet.


Yes, for me, the Chain Bridge in Budapest has been a long-awaited destination for 10 years.