Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1995 Prague (4) Hotel Don Giovanni

The hotel in Prague was the four-star Hotel Don Giovanni, a little far from the city center.

So, I thought it was silly to use the luxurious living space of a hotel just for sleeping, so I decided to get out of group activities because of fatigue and enjoy the hotel life alone.


First, decide to sleep in a luxurious and spacious bed, then bring a book to the rich cafe room, enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and cake aside, read a book, and have a relaxing lunch at the hotel's restaurant without being overwhelmed by time. After that, I took a walk around the hotel.


For me, on this occasion, not far from the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, I took the opportunity to enjoy the scenery of an ordinary city that was not a tourist attraction before the waves of liberal economics, westernization and globalism. Wanted to see people's lives.


When I left the hotel, I could see the mosque a little further away, so I thought that Islam pervaded the Czech Republic. The sound of the brooks flowing through the green grove, the beautiful burial ground, the spacious one-story houses in the countryside, the people who walk slowly, and I took a leisurely stroll in them.


The reason why I remember the name of this hotel was because it was a familiar name in the opera "Don Giovanni". Furthermore, it was a waste to stay just to sleep even though it was a four-star hotel, and I couldn't forget the experience of dropping out from a tour and enjoying the hotel life.


However, 25 years ago, I checked on the web if this hotel still existed, and I found that it opened in 1995 and renovated in 2008 and is still open.


This means that when we stayed, it was a brand new time, shortly after the hotel opened.


In addition, the opening of this hotel was one of the signs that Prague was embarking on a liberal economy, westernization and globalism.