Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1981 American Embassy in Japan

A music magazine "Weekly FM Fan" that I subscribed to at the time featured New Orleans Jazz Festival with colorful photographs, attracting jazz fans all over the world from the end of April to the beginning of May every year .

I was fascinated by the live house "Preservation Hall" which was popular at the entrance fee of $ 1 for that special feature, I decided to go to New Orleans, Nashville, and Boston with a friend of jazz fanatics It was.

However, at the time the Japanese traveled to the US West Coast, Boston and New York were mainstream, there were no commercial guide books on New Orleans and Nashville, so I decided to visit the US Embassy in Japan.

At that time the American embassy I visited had no shadows of security and when I told the reason for visiting through the interphone attached to the gate, the gate opened smoothly with the voice of a soft woman, "Please," and I finally got inside It entered.

The interior of that gate was quiet too, and a gentle middle-aged Japanese woman showed her face from the open reception window, handed over the pamphlets of New Orleans and Nashville issued by the US Department of Commerce.

The publication of the brochure was a bit old as information three years ago, but it helped a lot in our journey.

I did not hear the word "terror", it was a peaceful era.

This picture is the American embassy in Japan at that time.


追想 1981 在日アメリカ大使館