Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1981 Nashville (1)


At Nashville Airport the banner of "welcome to music city" welcomed our arrival guests.

 However, in my head I was caught by healing tiredness and thirst in long trips, and as soon as I left my luggage at my accommodation destination, we headed for the nearby Raison hotels.


In a corner of the Raison Hotel 's large lounge, business people wearing a beige or blue style suit shining in blonds surrounded a large round counter were chatting.

 Apparently, it seems to be a hub of YUPPIE (young urban professionals).


To those sophisticated wearing clothes, who wore a wrinkled travel luggage, we hesitated to join their seat for a moment but we sat on an empty stool and ordered a cool drink .


On the inside of the counter, a black woman who seemed to be in the early 30s similar to Dionne Warwick worked lively. 

She arranged a cold drink along with a light wink in front of us and welcomed us of Oriental women with her own treat.




ナッシュビル空港では「welcome to music city」の横断幕が私達到着客を迎えてくれた。 




どうやらここは、YUPPIE(young urban professionals)の溜まり場らしい。