Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1981 Logan Airport

In our spring 1981 Golden Week 's American trip passed through Nashville, New Orleans and finally Boston. 

And when we arrived at Logan Airport, we faced the disaster of lost baggage. No matter how much we wait, some passenger baggage including us will not show up.


We expected the airline staff to have some explanation about this in the matter, but the young female staff only repeats the same words "baggage will arrive tomorrow". 

The white female middle-aged woman, who was next to me on the right, cried out anger as "Disgust!" Repeatedly, in an outright attitude of this female staff "Lost baggage is not my responsibility", but the situation is Nothing got better, we left the airport with anger. 




私達の1981年春のGolden Weekのアメリカ旅行は、ナッシュビルニューオリンズを経て最後はボストンだった。