Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1979 Tijuana

Me and my friends participated in one day sightseeing in Tijuana sponsored by a local tourism company while staying in Los Angeles.

Tijuana is the largest city in Baja California located along the border with the United States, the northernmost tip of the Mexican United States.

Because it took about 4 hours by bus from Los Angeles, the majority of the tour was in the bus, so the staying time in Tijuana was a busy 70 minutes rush hour.

A souvenir shop and restaurants for overseas tourists lined up in the main shopping street, and many Americans enjoyed shopping.

According to what I hear, there are many stores selling Cuban cigars that can not be purchased in the USA.

In those days Japan was a Western boom, big tengallon hat, thick leather shoulder bag, vest, rivet boots were popular.

From the tour conductor I heard that price negotiation is a ceremony rather than buying it at fixed price here, we negotiated the price with the staff of the leather goods store using paper and pen.

追想 1979 ティファナ