Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1981 Nashville (2)

 The main purpose of staying in Nashville this time was to listen to the tenor saxophonist's boots · Randolph live playing active here.

At that time I was listening to mood music flowing from the FM radio at midnight, especially the fans of Randolph which creates an adult atmosphere peculiarly in southern USA. 

So, in the evening, my friends and I went out to a live house at the base of Randolph. The audience in the hall was almost full of adult couple. 

 However, as two male comedians who appeared before the performance of Randolph could not understand the gags that would be released like a quick fire gun, surrounded by those who laugh with their belly and laughing, only us two were left behind There was no other thing to be absent. 

And, thanks to the emergence of long-awaited Randolph, satisfied with his emotional performance, we left the live house.