Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1991 Paris(8)

Since this hotel was near Montmartre, we had to pass several times near the Montmartre cemetery.


By the way, according to the Japanese version of Wikipedia,

It is said that great artists and cultural people such as Wenceslas Nijinsky, Edgar Degas, Alexandre Dumas, Stendhal, Takanori Ogis, Goncourt, Francois Truffol, Heinrich Heine, Berlioz are sleeping.


There is a scent of art and culture around the cemetery, and it seems to be loved by the citizens of Paris as a resting place, and my friend and I talked about having such a cemetery in Tokyo.


The story suddenly developed, but when I got on the train the day before yesterday, the conversation between two senior women in the next seat came into my ear. 

One woman says, “I just finished my mother's funeral the other day, but after three or four years, I must finally deal with the clan's grave.”


In Japan, where the declining birthrate and the rapidly increasing number of elderly people are advancing, the process of clan graves has now emerged as a serious problem, but what about Paris?









ヴァーツラフ・ニジンスキーエドガー・ドガ、アレキサンドル・デュマ、スタンダール荻須高徳(タカノリ・オギス)、ゴンクール - 、フランソワ・トリュフォーハインリヒ・ハイネベルリオーズ など偉大な芸術家や文化人が眠っているという。