Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1981 Boston (4)

There is Beacon Hill, an affluent residential area at a good distance from the hotel where my and friends stayed.


We liked the calm atmosphere that makes us feel the history of Beacon Hill, and we went and crossed the tree-lined street of moderately inclined brick pavement many times. 

I found a cafe that was quiet in such a situation. This cafe seems to be a place for local people to relax with delicious coffee and homemade bread and cake, and the casual guests are not vivid colors, they are grayish green or brown such as dark pastel color people It made me feel like I was somewhere in Europe.


From now on, the appearance of that Beacon Hill's cafe and the atmosphere created by customers made me feel like I want to live in Boston and realized my study abroad at Harvard Summer School shortly after my retirement in 2004 That's it.



My favorite Charles River



Cafeteria in Summer School Era