Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1992 Paris(3) LES DEUX MAGOTS

Saint-Germain-des-Pres on the left bank of the Seine was once a base for leftist activists and cultural figures. 

Among them, LES DEUX MAGOTS, a café, was a place where existentialists, mainly Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, gathered for a hot discussion. The legend as a place was handed down.


Longing for such a legend and the cafe culture that was not yet seen in Tokyo at the time, my friends and I looked around the surroundings with curiosity at the terrace seat of LES DEUX MAGOTS last year and this time. 

And what has come to light is that LES DEUX MAGOTS is not just a place for people to have hot discussions, but a place for people to drop in, exchange greetings, exchange light hugs, and exchange light conversations.  

To add, I thought it was just a tourist spot where people from all over the world, like ours, were drawn to the legend.





その中でもカフェ、ドゥ マゴ(LES DEUX MAGOTS)はジャン=ポール・サルトル(Jean-Paul  Sartre)やシモーヌ・ド・ボーヴォワール (Simone de Beauvoir)を中心とした実存主義者が集って熱い議論を交わした場所としての伝説が語り継がれていた。


そんな伝説と、当時の東京ではまだ見られなかったカフェ文化に憧れて、友人と私は前年と今回、ドゥ マゴ(LES DEUX MAGOTS )のテラス席で好奇心に満ちて周囲を見廻した。 

そして見えてきたのは、既にドゥ マゴ(LES DEUX MAGOTS )は人々が熱い議論を交わす場所ではなく、人々が立ち寄り、挨拶を交わし、軽い抱擁を交わし、軽い会話を交わす場所にすぎない事が。