Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1995 Prague (1) At Prague Castle

The city tour of Prague, where I visited the packed tour, started from Prague Castle.


Prague Castle was once the residence of the King of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperor, but is now home to the Presidential Office of the Czech Republic. 

And the owner of the 1995 Prague Castle we visited was President Václav Havel.


A well-known cultural figure, Václav Havel played a leading role in the dissident movement after the 1968 Spring of Prague was subdued. 

He became the first president of the Czech Republic, which was established in January 1993 after the dismantling of Czechoslovakia.


In July 2020 I do not know or care about the president of the Czech Republic. However, when I entered Prague Castle in September 1995, I felt a feeling of closeness and solidarity with President Havel.


The photo shows the guard's parade in Prague Castle.










そして、私たちが訪問した1995年のプラハ城の主は、ヴァーツラフ・ハヴェル(Václav Havel)大統領だった。


著名な文化人だった、ヴァーツラフ・ハヴェル(Václav Havel)は、1968年の「プラハの春」が鎮圧された後に反体制運動のリーダーとして活躍した。