Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1992 Paris(2) Rive Gauche

Rive Gauche on the left bank of the River Seine in Paris, and Rive Gauche for me at that time, meant the Perfume of Saint-Laurent, and I commuted with the cheapest product.


And on this trip, my friend and I walked to the heart of Rive Gauche's iconic student quarter, Quartier latin, where the Paris uprising took place in May 1968. 

A quarter of a century after the May uprising of Paris in 1968, which is still a legend, the heat of that time had disappeared, but there was an academic atmosphere from the college buildings, shopping streets, and cobblestones that show the history and tradition.


I thought Quartier latin was a good place to walk with thoughts at one time and talk with friends at other times.






そして、今回の旅で私と友人はリヴ・ゴーシュを象徴する、1968年5月のパリ蜂起の舞台となった学生街のカルチェ・ラタン(Quartier latin)を心ゆくまで歩き回った。 



私は、カルチェ・ラタン(Quartier latin)は、ある時は一人で考えながら歩き、他の時には友人と語り合いながら歩くにふさわしい街だと思った。